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The Robot Lawyer You Need To Have! DoNotPay

I know i’m probably late to the party but I am absolutely obsessed with the app DoNotPay. DoNotPay calls itself the "world's first robot lawyer.” The brainchild of Joshua Browder, who initially created it to dispute the dozens of parking tickets he was racking up when he was 18.

DoNotPay highlights a big problem with the justice system, which is that it doesn’t matter how much protection the law gives you if you’re not aware of it. Unless you studied law in college or are lucky enough to have friends working in the legal profession, it’s rare for anyone to sit you down and tell you what your rights are in specific situations.

Another great feature: As of today, there is a more convenient way for you to cancel subscriptions before ever being charged: a service called Free Trial Card. It's available now through the app DoNotPay,

Let's breakdown what the app does.

The app uses chatbot technology and AI screening to provide 150 legal services. Among the most popular:

  • Contesting parking tickets. The app automatically generates personalized, legally kosher appeals. Users have had a 60% success rate overturning traffic tickets, which was Browder's original inspiration for starting DoNotPay.

  • Cancelling subscriptions/memberships after the free trial. DoNotPay issues users a virtual credit card that approves free trials but declines charges when they kick in.

  • Sue someone. The app provides step-by-step instructions to help, say, fight landlords in court.

  • And so much more: Fight Corporations, Beat Bureaucracy, Find Hidden Money there's more: DoNotPay helps you search documents for legal loopholes, jump wait times on customer service phone lines, and schedule DMV appointments. Seriously it’s incredible!

At first I thought it was too good to be true. So I gave it a try, paid the $3 subscription and away I went. I started with disputing hidden bank fees. In less than ten minutes, a letter was drafted on my behalf and sent. All this interaction was with a AI chat bot. And sure enough a few weeks later I received notification from my bank that these fee’s were over tuned and refunded.

DoNotPay levels the playing field in many ways. It’s not creating any more legal rights for anyone, it’s just educating them about the rights they already have.

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